Driven: Mercedes-Benz A45 4MATIC AMG! Speed and Comfort Works Flawless

Over the years of making lots of cars in style, this Germany-based car maker just introduced to a new class to the market. A-Class. Looking back at the history of Mercedes-Benz(Daimler AG) company on introducing the A-Class, the company give its birth of A200 models at Geneva Motor show in the year 2012. In 2013, a year later, this model was given to the AMG team of Mercedes-Benz for further enhancements in terms of styling and performance.

If you asked me, what’s the story behind AMG? This is a very interesting question. Let me tell you a story. Back in the olden days, Mercedes-Benz is a car maker and manufacturer up until the present day. There’s a car modifier specifically modifies Mercedes-Benz. They made made all their client’s Mercedes-Benz cars go faster. Former engineers of Mercedes-Benz itself by the name, Hans Werner Aufrecht(A) and Erhard Melcher(M) under their own company, AMG Engine Production and Development Ltd. The word “G” came from Aufrecht’s birth town name, Grossaspach(G). Hence, AMG. So in full, AMG stands for Aufrecht Melcher Grossaspach. When AMG have become a high-profile player in its Mercedes-Benz car modifying business, in 1993, Daimler-Benz AG and AMG signed a contract enabling AMG to fully utilised their skills by designing and developing racing engines under their newly renamed company for racing division, Mercedes-AMG. They have been developing modified versions of Mercedes-Benz cars under the brand AMG ever since that until the present day. On a side note, AMG have a few relationships with Pagani and Aston Martin. With Pagani, they supply V12 engines for the Zonda and Huayra models. Aston Martin have access to both Mercedes-Benz Cars and Mercedes-AMG’s resources to help them build and develop a V8 engine. Wow! Mercedes-Benz and AMG team really are the benchmark set by other supercar manufacturers. Simply astonishing!

So, let’s come back to our topic for today, so, AMG team came up with a better version of the A200. Introducing, the Mercedes-Benz A45 4MATIC AMG model. It has handbulit AMG 2.0 Litre Inline 4-cylinder with Turbo engine which capable of producing 381 horsepower at its peak! From 0-100km/h at 4.2 seconds! It came with a 7-speed AMG-tuned sports transmission, AMG Bucket Seats and optional AMG-tuned sports suspension! A small-entry car of the Mercedes-Benz AMG Line-up with a big heart I would say! Wow! So cool!

Upon arrival at the Moga Motors Sdn Bhd, Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia showroom, I can see rows of Mercedes-Benz cars, rows of Toyota Vellfire, Porsches, Nissan GTRs and many other cars! All of them was shiny and bright! Now this is a beautiful view to look upon! Once I parked my car, I was handed the keys to the cool white-coloured with racing stripes Mercedes-Benz A45 4MATIC AMG! I couldn’t comprehend how beautiful are the keys alone! Mercedes-Benz. It has sentimental values for me. When I was still a child, my late father bought a green-coloured Mercedes-Benz 190E. Later, he upgraded the car to a maroon-coloured E220. At that time, I always played with his car-key. It was quite thick, rectangle, black-casing, side-swaying car-key. Ahh, so many memories with the car. Moving on, after I received the keys, a photo session time with the car!

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They parked this Baby-AMG at the front of the showroom. When you have a look even from afar, it sure gives a statement. The black racing stripes on the car gives a contrast to the white colour of the car which makes it appealing to the eyes! Come to think of it, what will my late father say to me when I have a hobby like this? This is his most favourite brand of cars by far in his life.. Well, used to, that is.. I believe that beauty is in the eye of the beholder – Marry Bawn(1878)..

After the photo-taking session ends, it is time for the test drive session. What my reaction was like, mind-boggled, speechless.. It is my first time to sit in a Mercedes-Benz after so long! Let alone sitting on the AMG Automated-Memory Bucket-seat! A bucket-seat means it has extra padding or cushion that holds our body in place so that if we make a high speed hard-cornering especially on the track, our body will still in the same position and not be swayed by the car’s hard G-force. That is the definition for a regular bucket-seat but how about the definition from an AMG-tuned Mercedes-Benz’s Bucket-seat especially the car in question in this post? The bucket-seat in the A45 was comfortable yet sturdy.. Mind you, once we sit on it, on the side of the bucket seat, it has the 3 buttons to specifically adjusts the cushion or padding that supports our body. A bit too tight or too loose? You can adjust from the 3 buttons! I was like, “What?? It has this features as well??” I set the it to a bit loose since we are going for a highway test drive..After I admiring the AMG bucket seat, I pulled the neon orange seat-belt to buckle-up myself for the test drive session. To my surprise, the seat-belt has a motorised-mechanism that automatically pulled the seat-belt tight once we have “clicked” the latch plate of the belt to the buckle. It produces a robotic sound when it starts to retract the seat-belt. Wow! I’m impressed already! The navigation on-board the car is spot on! I get the chance to try and explore the entertainment system and sound system as well.. The sound was crisp! I can hear the treble and bass clear.. It is not as loud and superb sound like in the Nissan GTR R35’s Bose Sound System but you can get used to it!

The moment of truth, the test drive. The beautiful speedometer stated that the car can go up to 320km/h! As I pulled the unique gear knob to “R”, the reverse camera shows the yellow line on the screen to inform the driver where the car will turn as it sync-ed with the steering! On “D”, here we go! At the centre console, beneath the gear knob, there’s a rotary dial that we can switch the driving mode. It offers Comfort, Sport and Sport Plus modes. So, we started off with comfort mode. On the streets of Kuala Lumpur, the comfort mode was smooth.. No sound of rattles and shakes at all. The steering felt normal and the suspension absorbs the shocks from the road quite well which made the driving experience enjoyable. This is a premium hot hatchback that is suitable for daily driving and it is comfortable for long journey drives as well. The engine does not give any tantrums or dramas at all.. Quite amazing for a Mercedes-Benz, let alone this is the AMG-tuned! The low-profile tyres certainly reminds us that this car can go speed though!

On the highway(freeway), we switched the comfort mode to sport plus mode straightaway! This is where it gets much interesting! All along, this car was a small but tamed lion! The sport plus mode unleashes the true colour of this baby-AMG. With advice by Mr. K, I put my feet down to the floor, and once the RPM needle reach 6,500 RPM, the car gave a loud blow off at the exhaust! WOW! From the factory, the exhaust system is so cool! In my opinion, you don’t have to upgrade the exhaust system anymore. The driving experience was mind-blowingly good! The comfort of the AMG Leather Bucket-seat gripping my body to the seat gives me the confidence to keep my feet at the floor longer than I expected. Both of my eyes are opened big and alert as I reach 200km/h less than 2 minutes!(If I can remember clearly though!) Wow!! I just can’t stop admiring it enough.. The tires did its job well by gripping the road at every moments of the speed test I did during my attempt to get the car to blow-off! Amazing..

On our way back to the showroom, I found a straight section of the highway. Can you guess what I did? I did the blow-off again, of course! Not just once though but twice! After the toll plaza, my feet back to the floor once again and away it goes! Phewww!! The engine roars back to life! I can still hear the engine roars until now. Amazing! After the 2 times I did the blow off, which I did it in total of 3 times, I changed the mode back to comfort mode to let me enjoy the comfort and smooth ride of the A45. It is a wonderful car.

In my humble opinion, this is the car that suits the young executives and young managers of any field who would like to have a premium hot hatchback with speed and agility. Mercedes-Benz has lots of sentimental values embeded in me. One day, it will be a pleasure to own one for myself, well, especially, the AMG version of it.

Before I end my write-up of the Mercedes-Benz A45 4MATIC AMG, I would like to thank you to the one and only, Moga Motors Sdn Bhd, Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for letting me test drive the amazing Baby-AMG. To all my loyal readers, thank you for your time by reading this post from the beginning until the end, I hope it will help you by giving the insights and how it feels like to drive it. The blow-off is really special about this car. I do enjoyed my moments driving it.

Supercars By Putera with Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG

Myself with the Mercedes-Benz A45 4MATIC AMG

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