About SuperCByPutera

Few words about myself. I started to love cars at a very young of age. It started off when I see my late grandfather polishing his cars on his own. Slowly and gently, he polishes his very proudly own Red-coloured Honda Civic 2nd Generation at that time. He thought me so much about cars, how to take care of it, servicing and maintenance and so on so forth. I always followed him to the car showroom, whilst waiting for the car to be serviced, we walk around the showroom and he explained to me about the car’s engine and all the gadgets at the interior of the car.  I think that’s why I love gadgets too! Looking at the many buttons on interior of the car makes my level of curiosity up high! “Why are there so many buttons here? What do these buttons do?” Curious overtaken me.. I couldn’t control myself but to push the buttons.. So silly of me to do so(I’m so little at that time, what can I do?).

To my loyal readers or soon-to-be-loyal readers or first timer in visiting my car blog, I would like to welcome each and everyone of you to Supercars By Putera! It is an honour to have you roaming around my blog. Essentially, I do supercar reviews! Every week, I will test drive and provide my review on the supercar! At the moment, I will try to give my reviews every week but as I am still studying, I will try to keep up with my promise! Anyhow, I am so happy to be able to publish my own car blog!

Thank you for your support and patronage! Do visit us every week!

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