Reviewed: Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4! Beautiful V10 Beast!

Hello everyone and welcome back to another post in Supercars By Putera! This week on this blog features a very special Supercar.. A proper supercar. Italian-made, born in a city called Sant’Agata Bolognese, Italy which famously known to everyone as Lamborghini. Lot A supercar maker and manufacturer company that took years and years of Research and Development to produce its Supercars to the public, a supercar brand that started off as a tractor maker in the agriculture industry. After its opinion being declined and ignored by another supercar maker, Ferrari, the founder and owner named, Ferrucio Lamborghini sold his tractor making business and he dive into the world of supercar maker and manufacturer under his own brand name, Lamborghini to compete with its immediate rival, Ferrari. While competing in local track races, Lamborghini started making its name in the Automotive industry and soon after, Lamborghini brand are as famous as Ferrari. Over the years, Lamborghini takes it slow in producing its new models into production as the supercar maker wants to ensure that their supercar are different, stylish and yet not losing any of the traits of a supercar in its DNA.

Being in the Automotive industry, it’s all about making its own identity and being visible to the public especially to its immediate competitor. The company has created many models of its supercar and some of it are as follows:- Automobili Ferrucio Lamborghini S.p.A produces 350 GT, 400 GT, Miura, Espada, Islero, Jarama, Urraco, Countach, Silhoutte Jalpa, Diablo, Murcielago, Gallardo, Reventon, Sesto-Elemento,, Egoista, Veneno(Concept Car). Currently in production are Aventador, Huracan and limited edition Centenario. In this post, Supercars By Putera received a special call from Moga Motors Sdn Bhd to rush to the showroom and take a look at the Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4 in their showroom.. This supercar worth MYR1.6 Million Ringgit sure is a heartthrob to anyone! I just couldn’t resist on such an amazing call to work I had today!!

 This amazing V10 5.2 Litre 610 horsepower Engine with 7 speed Dual-clutch transmission. Carbon ceramic brake system installed! The top speed of this beast is a whopping 325 km/h sure is a wonderful sight to see on the road especially the colour of this Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4 Coupe is Arancio Borealis or in Queen’s English is simply “Orange”.. 😉 Fully assembled from the factory in Italy, I do love to look at it. Huracan (pronounced “Hurakan”) came from a Spanish word mean hurricane. The name was inspired by a Spanish fighting bull which Lamborghini loves to take this kind of names to their supercars. Huracan was a bull’s name that known for its courage that fought furiously in 1879. This model of Lamborghini is meant to replace its predecessor of top sales and most produced car, the Lamborghini Gallardo. A brief history of this supercar, the Huracan made its debut in an auto show in March 2014 at the Geneva Auto Show 2014. The tv show Top Gear named the Lamborghini Huracan as “The Supercar of the Year 2014”. Now, that will be sufficient for its brief history, let’s move on.

My experience with the Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4

It is quite a big moment for Supercars by Putera to receive a call from Moga Motors Sdn Bhd and to be asked to review the magnificent supercar. Straight-away I said “Yes!! Upon arriving at the showroom, I couldn’t miss the orange-coloured or Arancio Borealis from the side of the road. The colour of the supercar was so bright to the eyes! Wow! A very delicate and well done paint-job from Italy! Upon arrival, I can see the car from afar and you exactly know what model of the Lamborghini! Oh wow, I almost drool over the floor by just looking at the car. After I turned and parked my car inside of the showroom parking space, I have to calm myself down as I am too excited let alone seeing the supercar from my car’s windshield. So, I grabbed my camera, stepped out of my car and walked towards the orange beast!

The minute I walked towards the orange beast, they handed to me the Lambo’s keys!! Just like that! Ka-pow!! Booom! I didn’t even stand aside the lambo yet though. Wow! The keyless fob to the Lamborghini Huracan are solid, and easy to understand 3 buttons keys. I suppose the supercar makers are making the keys solid and sturdy feeling but keeping it simple enough to operate it. Even the Merc’s, GTR’s and Range Rover’s keys are simple to operate too(Which I reviewed them earlier, do check them out as well!).. With the keys in hand which I gave a good 3 minutes to have a look at them, I stepped forward to have a look at the orange beast.

With the keys in hand, I unlocked the beast and opened its doors.. The door handles are automatically ejected out a bit of its place to make it easy for people to open the doors. Wow! The Nissan GTR has a similar door handle design, its just that it would not automatically ejects itself like the Huracan did. Opening the large and heavy driver’s door, the smell!! Ooohhh, the fresh new car smell let alone the smell of the Lamborghini Ad Personam Italian leather hand-stitched assembled by the factory themselves! Wow! My camera snaps away the pictures! (Have a look at the pics at the end of this post!) Once I calmed down (again!), I want to seat inside the car.. Since the car can be considered as a low slung car, (plus, I am quite a big sized person as well) the sequence must be right! If not, my head will stuck at the entry process. Luckily, I have some time to experiment this sequence though! So, the sequence was, I put my left feet inside the car, on my knees a bit, straighten my left feet, slowly slide my back into the supercar’s leather hand-stitched Ad Personam bucket seat, retract my right feet and fold in the supercar. Fit and snug! Then I realised, in front of me, is the cool steering wheel with the Lamborghini emblem! If you’ve been following my blog and read all the previous posts, you do know one thing about me when it comes sitting inside the supercars.. The buttons! The gadgets! Ohhh.. Lamborghini has lots and lots of buttons! They are fancy buttons too I might add! Wow!! Looking at the buttons alone, they do want to make me cry! It is so beautiful, shiny, modern(well, 40% of the buttons are adopted back from the Gallardo model, but to me, it is still modern!) The buttons on the steering wheel alone covers lots of entertainment controls but the special red button at the bottom of the steering was the drive modes! Wow! There’s strada, sport and corsa modes!

Strada Mode

If you are going to use the Lamborghini Huracan as your daily driving vehicle, this mode is suitable for it. The suspension is more to comfort mode, steering settings are normal and the engine is not punching much power. Overall experience in this mode are relaxed and to enjoy the roaring sound of the engine still. It does offers exhaust blow-offs even when revving the engine in stationary! Cool!! Going on a date? Well, this supercar and this mode selection, magnifique!

Sport Mode

Every now and then, we do want to unleash the power of the V10 and 610 horsepower, right? Flick the red switch to engage sport mode and hold on to your seat! It is going to be loud and accelerates faster than the strada mode!

Corsa Mode

In the mood for adrenaline-rush speedy accelerations, stiff steering and track-ready suspensions? Flick the red switch to corsa mode and let the car engages with all electronics and hardware to make the drive experience different then ever before! This is the track mode. Engaging this mode on the highway? Be sure to avoid the potholes and enjoy the ride! Power punching from the back of the seats sure gave us the feeling of a race car driver! Wow!


Continue on with the rest of the experience with the Lamborghini Huracan

Moving on with other aspects of the Lambo, the center console of the Lambo is to die for! Immediately, we can spot the striking red button push-to-start missile launching-like engine button to wake the V10 beast! Ooohhh so sexy! Just flick the red cover and push the start button! Revving the engine to 6000 rpm assures the engines will produce the crackling sound at the exhaust!!! Wow!! You have to get used to its loud and bold sounds in order to drive this supercar on the road. Mind you, it is not for the faint heart-ed however if you have a racing DNA in your blood or simply love the Lamborghini brand and the Huracan fits your budget, why not?

Unlike in most supercars, the infotainment/entertainment system are not located at the center console, it is located at the digital speedometer! The digital speedometer acts as a screen for showing the speed, RPM, reverse camera screen, bluetooth connectivity, GPS, Radio, remaining fuel and many other functions..

Unfortunately, this is only the review of the Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4 Coupe. Usually, i will describe my experience on the test drive part but that did not happen though.

Before I end my write-up of the Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4 Coupe, I would like to dedicate my thanks to the one and only, Moga Motors Sdn Bhd, Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for letting me review the amazing supercar. To all my loyal readers, thank you for your time by reading this post from the beginning until the end, I hope it will help you by giving the insights and how it feels like to drive it. Do come back to read on the test drive of the Lambo soon!

Before you go, do have a look at the pictures of the V10 beast!


As promised, here is the drone footage!


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