Reviewed: Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4! Beautiful V10 Beast!

Hello everyone and welcome back to another post in Supercars By Putera! This week on this blog features a very special Supercar.. A proper supercar. Italian-made, born in a city called Sant’Agata Bolognese, Italy which famously known to everyone as Lamborghini. Lot A supercar maker and manufacturer company that took years and years of Research and Development to produce its Supercars to the public, a supercar brand that started off as a tractor maker in the agriculture industry. After its opinion being declined and ignored by another supercar maker, Ferrari, the founder and owner named, Ferrucio Lamborghini sold his tractor making business and he dive into the world of supercar maker and manufacturer under his own brand name, Lamborghini to compete with its immediate rival, Ferrari. While competing in local track races, Lamborghini started making its name in the Automotive industry and soon after, Lamborghini brand are as famous as Ferrari. Over the years, Lamborghini takes it slow in producing its new models into production as the supercar maker wants to ensure that their supercar are different, stylish and yet not losing any of the traits of a supercar in its DNA.

Being in the Automotive industry, it’s all about making its own identity and being visible to the public especially to its immediate competitor. The company has created many models of its supercar and some of it are as follows:- Automobili Ferrucio Lamborghini S.p.A produces 350 GT, 400 GT, Miura, Espada, Islero, Jarama, Urraco, Countach, Silhoutte Jalpa, Diablo, Murcielago, Gallardo, Reventon, Sesto-Elemento,, Egoista, Veneno(Concept Car). Currently in production are Aventador, Huracan and limited edition Centenario. In this post, Supercars By Putera received a special call from Moga Motors Sdn Bhd to rush to the showroom and take a look at the Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4 in their showroom.. This supercar worth MYR1.6 Million Ringgit sure is a heartthrob to anyone! I just couldn’t resist on such an amazing call to work I had today!!

 This amazing V10 5.2 Litre 610 horsepower Engine with 7 speed Dual-clutch transmission. Carbon ceramic brake system installed! The top speed of this beast is a whopping 325 km/h sure is a wonderful sight to see on the road especially the colour of this Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4 Coupe is Arancio Borealis or in Queen’s English is simply “Orange”.. 😉 Fully assembled from the factory in Italy, I do love to look at it. Huracan (pronounced “Hurakan”) came from a Spanish word mean hurricane. The name was inspired by a Spanish fighting bull which Lamborghini loves to take this kind of names to their supercars. Huracan was a bull’s name that known for its courage that fought furiously in 1879. This model of Lamborghini is meant to replace its predecessor of top sales and most produced car, the Lamborghini Gallardo. A brief history of this supercar, the Huracan made its debut in an auto show in March 2014 at the Geneva Auto Show 2014. The tv show Top Gear named the Lamborghini Huracan as “The Supercar of the Year 2014”. Now, that will be sufficient for its brief history, let’s move on.

My experience with the Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4

It is quite a big moment for Supercars by Putera to receive a call from Moga Motors Sdn Bhd and to be asked to review the magnificent supercar. Straight-away I said “Yes!! Upon arriving at the showroom, I couldn’t miss the orange-coloured or Arancio Borealis from the side of the road. The colour of the supercar was so bright to the eyes! Wow! A very delicate and well done paint-job from Italy! Upon arrival, I can see the car from afar and you exactly know what model of the Lamborghini! Oh wow, I almost drool over the floor by just looking at the car. After I turned and parked my car inside of the showroom parking space, I have to calm myself down as I am too excited let alone seeing the supercar from my car’s windshield. So, I grabbed my camera, stepped out of my car and walked towards the orange beast!

The minute I walked towards the orange beast, they handed to me the Lambo’s keys!! Just like that! Ka-pow!! Booom! I didn’t even stand aside the lambo yet though. Wow! The keyless fob to the Lamborghini Huracan are solid, and easy to understand 3 buttons keys. I suppose the supercar makers are making the keys solid and sturdy feeling but keeping it simple enough to operate it. Even the Merc’s, GTR’s and Range Rover’s keys are simple to operate too(Which I reviewed them earlier, do check them out as well!).. With the keys in hand which I gave a good 3 minutes to have a look at them, I stepped forward to have a look at the orange beast.

With the keys in hand, I unlocked the beast and opened its doors.. The door handles are automatically ejected out a bit of its place to make it easy for people to open the doors. Wow! The Nissan GTR has a similar door handle design, its just that it would not automatically ejects itself like the Huracan did. Opening the large and heavy driver’s door, the smell!! Ooohhh, the fresh new car smell let alone the smell of the Lamborghini Ad Personam Italian leather hand-stitched assembled by the factory themselves! Wow! My camera snaps away the pictures! (Have a look at the pics at the end of this post!) Once I calmed down (again!), I want to seat inside the car.. Since the car can be considered as a low slung car, (plus, I am quite a big sized person as well) the sequence must be right! If not, my head will stuck at the entry process. Luckily, I have some time to experiment this sequence though! So, the sequence was, I put my left feet inside the car, on my knees a bit, straighten my left feet, slowly slide my back into the supercar’s leather hand-stitched Ad Personam bucket seat, retract my right feet and fold in the supercar. Fit and snug! Then I realised, in front of me, is the cool steering wheel with the Lamborghini emblem! If you’ve been following my blog and read all the previous posts, you do know one thing about me when it comes sitting inside the supercars.. The buttons! The gadgets! Ohhh.. Lamborghini has lots and lots of buttons! They are fancy buttons too I might add! Wow!! Looking at the buttons alone, they do want to make me cry! It is so beautiful, shiny, modern(well, 40% of the buttons are adopted back from the Gallardo model, but to me, it is still modern!) The buttons on the steering wheel alone covers lots of entertainment controls but the special red button at the bottom of the steering was the drive modes! Wow! There’s strada, sport and corsa modes!

Strada Mode

If you are going to use the Lamborghini Huracan as your daily driving vehicle, this mode is suitable for it. The suspension is more to comfort mode, steering settings are normal and the engine is not punching much power. Overall experience in this mode are relaxed and to enjoy the roaring sound of the engine still. It does offers exhaust blow-offs even when revving the engine in stationary! Cool!! Going on a date? Well, this supercar and this mode selection, magnifique!

Sport Mode

Every now and then, we do want to unleash the power of the V10 and 610 horsepower, right? Flick the red switch to engage sport mode and hold on to your seat! It is going to be loud and accelerates faster than the strada mode!

Corsa Mode

In the mood for adrenaline-rush speedy accelerations, stiff steering and track-ready suspensions? Flick the red switch to corsa mode and let the car engages with all electronics and hardware to make the drive experience different then ever before! This is the track mode. Engaging this mode on the highway? Be sure to avoid the potholes and enjoy the ride! Power punching from the back of the seats sure gave us the feeling of a race car driver! Wow!


Continue on with the rest of the experience with the Lamborghini Huracan

Moving on with other aspects of the Lambo, the center console of the Lambo is to die for! Immediately, we can spot the striking red button push-to-start missile launching-like engine button to wake the V10 beast! Ooohhh so sexy! Just flick the red cover and push the start button! Revving the engine to 6000 rpm assures the engines will produce the crackling sound at the exhaust!!! Wow!! You have to get used to its loud and bold sounds in order to drive this supercar on the road. Mind you, it is not for the faint heart-ed however if you have a racing DNA in your blood or simply love the Lamborghini brand and the Huracan fits your budget, why not?

Unlike in most supercars, the infotainment/entertainment system are not located at the center console, it is located at the digital speedometer! The digital speedometer acts as a screen for showing the speed, RPM, reverse camera screen, bluetooth connectivity, GPS, Radio, remaining fuel and many other functions..

Unfortunately, this is only the review of the Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4 Coupe. Usually, i will describe my experience on the test drive part but that did not happen though.

Before I end my write-up of the Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4 Coupe, I would like to dedicate my thanks to the one and only, Moga Motors Sdn Bhd, Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for letting me review the amazing supercar. To all my loyal readers, thank you for your time by reading this post from the beginning until the end, I hope it will help you by giving the insights and how it feels like to drive it. Do come back to read on the test drive of the Lambo soon!

Before you go, do have a look at the pictures of the V10 beast!


As promised, here is the drone footage!


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Supercars By Putera with Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4

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Driven: Range Rover Sport SVR! Best in its Class!

Hello everyone and welcome back to another post of Supercars by Putera! I’m thrilled and excited to let all my loyal readers and first timers in visiting and to read this week’s fresh and brand new car, as you can see from the title of this post. Brand new Land Rover Range Rover Sport SVR 2016. Now, if you have any disagreement on why this enormous size SUV end-up here in my blog? Slow down your horses fellas.. This is NOT the regular spec Range Rover. It is the SVR version. Top-of-the-line specification of the Range Rover line-up models. In its essence, SVR stands for Special Vehicle: Racing. Hence, I would like to call it “SuperSUV” which it is eligible to be featured here in Supercars by Putera. Let’s go through some of the facts about this beast but beautiful and fast SuperSUV!

It has 5.0 Litre 550 brake-horsepower V8 Supercharged Petrol engine. This Four-Wheel Drive(4WD) beast has 8-speed Automatic gearbox with Manual capabilities on the back of the steering via Paddle Shifter. It also has seductive chrome-touch 22-inch rims with low profile high-performance tires(at the time of test drive, it has Continental ContiSportContact 5 SUV tires) as it delivers a solid statement that this SUV is meant to be driven at fast speed especially on-road surfaces. During the photo shoot session, I noticed the rims reflects the shadows of anything passes it. That’s how shiny it is! Wow! As the price of the tires are quite subjective to be discussed here but it provides superb road grip, road manoeuvring/handling and safety when cornering. Surely, it fits with the beast!

Maximum speed of this SuperSUV are at 260 km/h @ 162 miles/h! From 0 to 100 km/h this beast can achieve it at 4.7 seconds! Wow! That is fast! Such a big engine on this SUV with huge rims, road-hugging tires and comfortable yet luxurious leather bucket-seats all-round are one of the Land Rover Range’s engineer thoughts in designing and building this SuperSUV. Yes, you read it right! All 4 of its seats are bucket seats! (Go to the photos down below to have a look at it and come back here to continue reading, ok? 😉) Apart of the luxurious two-tone Range Rover’s leather bucket seats on interior of this deep blue SuperSUV, the Meridian Surround Sound System which consist of 19 speakers including the tweeter all-round makes the sound of the music rich and clear. The bass of the sound are superbly done and pleasing to the ears. It also came with big Panaromic panel sun-roof to let fresh get into the car while we can enjoy the sky-views while the roof is open. The buttons at the centre console of the SuperSUV. Well, since it is a Range Rover, 4×4, it sure came with lots of buttons to assist on manoeuvring in different kinds of earth surfaces especially, countries with 4 weather seasons. It also equipped with reverse camera. J

Let’s move on with the exterior, some notable and moderate makeover in comparison with the previous models of the Sport SVR is the front bumper, notice the front bumper has slight changes in styling “A-curve” to let the air intake to receive more air as the engine is producing 81bhp more than regular Range Rover Sport. On the rear, the sport active exhaust that came with the SVR model is mind-blowingly superb! At a push of a button, it can transform the sound of the exhaust to a loud and sport sound exhaust! Not just that, the doors are unique! Most of us know, continental cars/european cars are solidly built cars. The body and frameworks are made from steel and/or carbon fibre for the supercars and hypercars alike! By definition, they have heavy doors. So, usually, to close the doors, we have to exert lots of our energy to slam shut the door but this Range Rover Sport SVR is different. We can just push the door towards the door hinges gently and the door will close shut by itself! Wow!.. Just wow! I did this open and closing the doors many times! Its just too stunning.. Modern technologies really have improved as lots of people spend their time, money and efforts into Research and Development to ensure the public can obtain a better life.


Test Driving the Range Rover Sport SVR

Unlike in my previous posts, both of the cars, Nissan GTR R35 and the Mercedes-Benz A45 4MATIC AMG, I have lots of time to enjoy with the car and driving it on the freeway(highway) was a bliss! In this post, the Range Rover Sport SVR, I get to drive it on the streets of Kuala Lumpur only(not on the highway though) not like the 2 previous cars. Either way, I’m grateful for the pleasure given by Moga Motors Sdn Bhd for giving me the opportunity to drive it even for a short while. So, in my hands are the keys to the Sport SVR. For the first time ever, I unlocked the car. The 2 things that moves once I unlocked the car was the side mirrors that opens side-ways and number 2 that moves is the side-steps! Yup, you read it right! The side-step moves outwards to let us climb the SuperSUV with ease. Wow! That was jaw-dropping! So amazed with the car! I really do! Once I climb the car, again, just like in the previous posts, the bucket-seats.. I climb the side-steps of the car and as I slideee myself onto the bucket-seats, I can feel the luxurious leather bucket-seat which grips my body slightly more than usual a seat of a car. Once I closed the vacuum doors, I put the keys into the cupholder and switch on the engine using the start button on the left side of the speedometer. The engine came to life roaring! Wow! The sound made the sport active exhaust was awesome! Few revs I made and the exhaust sound was marvelous. On a switch of a button, enabling the sport sound, all of the doors are shut closed but I can hear the roaring sounds of the exhaust from the inside of the car. Mind you, even if I am not revving the car, I can still hear the loud exhaust! Wow!… Loud exhaust + Range Rover Sport SVR = valuable experience!..

I put the gear to “D” position, releasing the electronically-controlled hand-brake with the button on the centre console, and away we go!.. As I turned the steering for the first time, I can feel the 22” inch tyres turning underneath the car. Wow! The car felt very stable and the low profile high performance tyres really do grip the road.. As I drove the car out from the showroom’s vicinity, the SuperSUV really gave the “look at me” vibe.. Why do I say so? Because from the height, and the length of the car itself really portrays the vibe. However, in reality, it does not attract much attention like the Nissan GTR R35 (well, this is only happen in Malaysia but I’m not sure in other parts of the world). I did at around 80km/h only as I drive around the KL City Center for a short drive. Switching on the active exhaust and lowering the door mirrors was a cool idea as the exhaust gave a loud sound! I enjoyed driving the car.. It was a slow drive but enjoyable.. I had the time in the car to have a look at all of the buttons and my hand really roaming around the buttons in the car. The sound system was great! 19 speakers! Speechless sound!..

As I am enjoying my drive, the showroom was approaching and I enter the showroom’s vicinity. It was a cool and sound drive in KL City Centre at the middle of the day. No dramatic events whatsoever but the SuperSUV performs way cooler than I ever thought it would be! In my humble opinion, Range Rover have came up with a model that is serious in performance without leaving the 4×4 side of it. Conquering both on-road and off-road is a tall order but Land Rover Range Rover has make it possible.

Before I end my write-up of the Range Rover Sport SVR, I would like to dedicate my thanks to the one and only, Moga Motors Sdn Bhd, Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for letting me test drive the amazing SuperSUV. To all my loyal readers, thank you for your time by reading this post from the beginning until the end, I hope it will help you by giving the insights and how it feels like to drive it.

Before you go, do have a look at the pictures of the SuperSUV!

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Range Rover Sport SVR with Supercars By Putera

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Driven: Mercedes-Benz A45 4MATIC AMG! Speed and Comfort Works Flawless

Over the years of making lots of cars in style, this Germany-based car maker just introduced to a new class to the market. A-Class. Looking back at the history of Mercedes-Benz(Daimler AG) company on introducing the A-Class, the company give its birth of A200 models at Geneva Motor show in the year 2012. In 2013, a year later, this model was given to the AMG team of Mercedes-Benz for further enhancements in terms of styling and performance.

If you asked me, what’s the story behind AMG? This is a very interesting question. Let me tell you a story. Back in the olden days, Mercedes-Benz is a car maker and manufacturer up until the present day. There’s a car modifier specifically modifies Mercedes-Benz. They made made all their client’s Mercedes-Benz cars go faster. Former engineers of Mercedes-Benz itself by the name, Hans Werner Aufrecht(A) and Erhard Melcher(M) under their own company, AMG Engine Production and Development Ltd. The word “G” came from Aufrecht’s birth town name, Grossaspach(G). Hence, AMG. So in full, AMG stands for Aufrecht Melcher Grossaspach. When AMG have become a high-profile player in its Mercedes-Benz car modifying business, in 1993, Daimler-Benz AG and AMG signed a contract enabling AMG to fully utilised their skills by designing and developing racing engines under their newly renamed company for racing division, Mercedes-AMG. They have been developing modified versions of Mercedes-Benz cars under the brand AMG ever since that until the present day. On a side note, AMG have a few relationships with Pagani and Aston Martin. With Pagani, they supply V12 engines for the Zonda and Huayra models. Aston Martin have access to both Mercedes-Benz Cars and Mercedes-AMG’s resources to help them build and develop a V8 engine. Wow! Mercedes-Benz and AMG team really are the benchmark set by other supercar manufacturers. Simply astonishing!

So, let’s come back to our topic for today, so, AMG team came up with a better version of the A200. Introducing, the Mercedes-Benz A45 4MATIC AMG model. It has handbulit AMG 2.0 Litre Inline 4-cylinder with Turbo engine which capable of producing 381 horsepower at its peak! From 0-100km/h at 4.2 seconds! It came with a 7-speed AMG-tuned sports transmission, AMG Bucket Seats and optional AMG-tuned sports suspension! A small-entry car of the Mercedes-Benz AMG Line-up with a big heart I would say! Wow! So cool!

Upon arrival at the Moga Motors Sdn Bhd, Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia showroom, I can see rows of Mercedes-Benz cars, rows of Toyota Vellfire, Porsches, Nissan GTRs and many other cars! All of them was shiny and bright! Now this is a beautiful view to look upon! Once I parked my car, I was handed the keys to the cool white-coloured with racing stripes Mercedes-Benz A45 4MATIC AMG! I couldn’t comprehend how beautiful are the keys alone! Mercedes-Benz. It has sentimental values for me. When I was still a child, my late father bought a green-coloured Mercedes-Benz 190E. Later, he upgraded the car to a maroon-coloured E220. At that time, I always played with his car-key. It was quite thick, rectangle, black-casing, side-swaying car-key. Ahh, so many memories with the car. Moving on, after I received the keys, a photo session time with the car!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

They parked this Baby-AMG at the front of the showroom. When you have a look even from afar, it sure gives a statement. The black racing stripes on the car gives a contrast to the white colour of the car which makes it appealing to the eyes! Come to think of it, what will my late father say to me when I have a hobby like this? This is his most favourite brand of cars by far in his life.. Well, used to, that is.. I believe that beauty is in the eye of the beholder – Marry Bawn(1878)..

After the photo-taking session ends, it is time for the test drive session. What my reaction was like, mind-boggled, speechless.. It is my first time to sit in a Mercedes-Benz after so long! Let alone sitting on the AMG Automated-Memory Bucket-seat! A bucket-seat means it has extra padding or cushion that holds our body in place so that if we make a high speed hard-cornering especially on the track, our body will still in the same position and not be swayed by the car’s hard G-force. That is the definition for a regular bucket-seat but how about the definition from an AMG-tuned Mercedes-Benz’s Bucket-seat especially the car in question in this post? The bucket-seat in the A45 was comfortable yet sturdy.. Mind you, once we sit on it, on the side of the bucket seat, it has the 3 buttons to specifically adjusts the cushion or padding that supports our body. A bit too tight or too loose? You can adjust from the 3 buttons! I was like, “What?? It has this features as well??” I set the it to a bit loose since we are going for a highway test drive..After I admiring the AMG bucket seat, I pulled the neon orange seat-belt to buckle-up myself for the test drive session. To my surprise, the seat-belt has a motorised-mechanism that automatically pulled the seat-belt tight once we have “clicked” the latch plate of the belt to the buckle. It produces a robotic sound when it starts to retract the seat-belt. Wow! I’m impressed already! The navigation on-board the car is spot on! I get the chance to try and explore the entertainment system and sound system as well.. The sound was crisp! I can hear the treble and bass clear.. It is not as loud and superb sound like in the Nissan GTR R35’s Bose Sound System but you can get used to it!

The moment of truth, the test drive. The beautiful speedometer stated that the car can go up to 320km/h! As I pulled the unique gear knob to “R”, the reverse camera shows the yellow line on the screen to inform the driver where the car will turn as it sync-ed with the steering! On “D”, here we go! At the centre console, beneath the gear knob, there’s a rotary dial that we can switch the driving mode. It offers Comfort, Sport and Sport Plus modes. So, we started off with comfort mode. On the streets of Kuala Lumpur, the comfort mode was smooth.. No sound of rattles and shakes at all. The steering felt normal and the suspension absorbs the shocks from the road quite well which made the driving experience enjoyable. This is a premium hot hatchback that is suitable for daily driving and it is comfortable for long journey drives as well. The engine does not give any tantrums or dramas at all.. Quite amazing for a Mercedes-Benz, let alone this is the AMG-tuned! The low-profile tyres certainly reminds us that this car can go speed though!

On the highway(freeway), we switched the comfort mode to sport plus mode straightaway! This is where it gets much interesting! All along, this car was a small but tamed lion! The sport plus mode unleashes the true colour of this baby-AMG. With advice by Mr. K, I put my feet down to the floor, and once the RPM needle reach 6,500 RPM, the car gave a loud blow off at the exhaust! WOW! From the factory, the exhaust system is so cool! In my opinion, you don’t have to upgrade the exhaust system anymore. The driving experience was mind-blowingly good! The comfort of the AMG Leather Bucket-seat gripping my body to the seat gives me the confidence to keep my feet at the floor longer than I expected. Both of my eyes are opened big and alert as I reach 200km/h less than 2 minutes!(If I can remember clearly though!) Wow!! I just can’t stop admiring it enough.. The tires did its job well by gripping the road at every moments of the speed test I did during my attempt to get the car to blow-off! Amazing..

On our way back to the showroom, I found a straight section of the highway. Can you guess what I did? I did the blow-off again, of course! Not just once though but twice! After the toll plaza, my feet back to the floor once again and away it goes! Phewww!! The engine roars back to life! I can still hear the engine roars until now. Amazing! After the 2 times I did the blow off, which I did it in total of 3 times, I changed the mode back to comfort mode to let me enjoy the comfort and smooth ride of the A45. It is a wonderful car.

In my humble opinion, this is the car that suits the young executives and young managers of any field who would like to have a premium hot hatchback with speed and agility. Mercedes-Benz has lots of sentimental values embeded in me. One day, it will be a pleasure to own one for myself, well, especially, the AMG version of it.

Before I end my write-up of the Mercedes-Benz A45 4MATIC AMG, I would like to thank you to the one and only, Moga Motors Sdn Bhd, Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for letting me test drive the amazing Baby-AMG. To all my loyal readers, thank you for your time by reading this post from the beginning until the end, I hope it will help you by giving the insights and how it feels like to drive it. The blow-off is really special about this car. I do enjoyed my moments driving it.

Supercars By Putera with Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG

Myself with the Mercedes-Benz A45 4MATIC AMG

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Nissan GTR R35 is Truly A Showstopper!

Today, 13/7/2017, I am officially have been appointed as an official blogger for Moga Motors Sdn Bhd. Alhamdulillah.. So, to kick off the very first posting of supercars under, I am humbly would like to start my writing with the legendary Nissan GTR R35 a.k.a Godzilla! (Courtesy of Moga Motors Sdn Bhd).

As a student, Nissan GTR has been THE dream car ever since I am still a child especially the Nissan GTR R35. Nissan’s powerful marketing and National Geographic’s Megafactories series takes a sweep-in and insights on the building of Nissan GTR R35 from scratch to finish product is one of the factors I adore the car a lot!. The hand-built 3.8 Litre 550 brake-horsepower engine, twin turbo V6, 0-100km/h in 2.8 seconds made by Nissan Takumi is the best thing to watch on the documentary. First sightings of the car was obviously through the official unveiling of the car in 2007 but the car was being highlighted in Fast and Furious 7. It made me drool over the floor to even see the car on the cinema screen. UK Top Gear series covered a few times of the Nissan GTR R35 on a few episodes as the host of the show, Jeremy Clarkson and James May was astounded by the Launch Control function on the car that makes it accelerates faster from the starting-line. They claimed it was very sophisticated and stunningly done by the on-board telemetries and computer calculations to even-out the power distribution on each wheels to make sure a fast accelerations is achieved every time, no matter what is the temperature, the tire conditions, the surface of the road. and so on so forth. Having said the specs and some history(sort of!) of the said car, let’s move forward..

I have been given the time and opportunity to test drive the Godzilla myself on the streets of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I have to thank En Khairi, and En Effendi of Moga Motors Sdn Bhd for giving me the opportunity to test drive this magnificient red Godzilla. As I open the driver’s door, the japanese factory interior smell of the supercar gave me a quick goosebumps down to my spines! WOW! The smell was perfect!

Then, once I open the heavy door, right in front of me is the interior of the driver’s side. I gave it a good stare of at least 2-3 seconds! I truly admire the supercar so much. In my mind, “can I sit inside it?”, “Can I touch it?”, “Is this a dream??”. There’s so many questions came to my mind, I almost have to pinch myself to make me realise that this is all in reality and not dreaming. Then, slowly, I put my feet inside the car and sit inside the almost half a million ringgit worth a supercar! Wow! The perfume getting stronger! Woohoo.. Right in front of me is the steering with shift pedals and the legendary GTR emblem on the steering wheel. The innovative and modern speedometer behind the steering was beautiful! It is like a dream to sit inside the Nissan GTR R35! One thing for sure is the this supercar has lots of buttons! One thing about me, I love buttons in a car, there’s so many to explore! If possible, I can literally sit inside the supercar for hours if not days to just explore the buttons! On the left of the speedometer is the touchscreen-enabled media centre. It shows the computer read-outs of the engine, fuel economy ratings, gear changes, braking-G ratings, cornering-G ratings, and so many other computer read-outs of the supercar. The buttons that I wish to push is the 3 buttons at the middle console just under the air-conditioner’s controls. It is called Vehicle Dynamic Control(VDC) switch, transmission switch and suspension setup switch. These switches are to stiff-up and activate the necessary features of the car to make it more sporty in road handling and track-ready setup. On the left side of the driver’s bucket-seat, the red button!! This red button is like the missile-launching button! It is the push-to-start button.. It was so cooll!! One thing I just realised, I fit in the bucket seats! Yeayy!! All this while I kept asking myself, “Can I even fit the bucket-seats?”, “what it will feel like to sit on those bucket-seats?” I just can’t believe myself that I just sat on a bucket seat! It sure grip your body from sliding over just in case if you make hard-cornering though!

After taking few breaths, we hit the road. Wow! The acceleration of the supercar was mind-bogglingly fast!! It really wanted to go fast and furious all the time!! So much to comprehend as this supercar’s attributes is always speed, speed, speedd!!! With the official maximum speed of 340km/h, just know that it has only one thing to do, SPEED!! 

Personally, it comes down to your personality and likings in life. If you love pure speed and quick accelerations above all else in a supercar, you have to own a Nissan GTR R35. If you love being the centre of attention(by the way, this a RED Nissan GTR R35!), for sure, you will be the centre of attention, you can own a Nissan GTR. While I was driving the car, lots of eyes are watching the car or the obvious ones, the motorcycles-riders were actually turning their heads towards the supercar for a good 3-4 seconds before they put their eyes and attention back on the road. Wow! If you love the attention, by all means, this supercar suits you! Traffic was quite heavy at that time so I was driving around 60km/h.. After I reach the highway(‘freeway’), I tried to put the hammer down on the floor but the traffic was a bit heavy.. I have to release the throttle pedal at 134km/h.. I nearly couldn’t breath just to be alert of the Godzilla’s rattles and shakes it made while driving at high speed!! Phewwhh.. 

The Acceleration/Torque

Mind you that this supercar has lots of torque! Wow.. It accelerates so fast and wild! As I put the hammer down on the highway, I can feel my body like literally being vacuum to the seat. The harder I put my foot down to the floor, the more I feel my body being vacuum to the RECARO Black Leather Bucket-seat with red stiching. Before I put the hammer down, the 3 buttons were set to track mode! Those buttons really stiffen up the car! The steering gave second-to-none precision cornering.. As I negotiate the corners of the highway at high speed, the tires grip the road with no oversteer and no understeer dramas.. While the suspension was also in track mode, it gave me a slightly different driving experience.. I can “feel” the road more than usual.. If the road conditions was not smooth and a bit rough, we can “feel” its roughness.. Just one advice, don’t engage track mode if the road surface is not smooth.. Avoid potholes while in track mode! I’m afraid it will spoil the suspension.. 

On the second-half of the test drive session, I drove quite “normal” and civilised as I just want to enjoy the comfort mode. One more thing that I like about the Nissan GTR R35 is the ground clearance! As the local Malaysians know(and also the ex-patriates), Malaysian roads tend to have huge speedbreakers or we call it ‘humps’ especially in the city! My goodness, that is one of the things that I do afraid if driving these low slungs supercars but you have to know this, the GTR’s ground clearance is at a good/normal height! You can take the huge humps without much problems but please do slow down as well ya! Before I forgot, while driving the Godzilla, if we go through a tunnel, the speedometer’s light will automatically dim a bit.. Wow!! That’s new! Never have I ever read about that feature in the Nissan GTR R35!

Upon reaching back at the showroom, En. Khairi left me alone with the Godzilla to a photo session as shown below:-

Before I end my review, I do hope you have enjoyed reading my first time experience with the Nissan GTR R35. I have learned a lot from this test drive experience! Before you leave, do follow my blog by leaving your email to stay informed when I post a new blog. What i will be reviewing next? Stay tuned for more!!

Special thanks to En Khairi Edin, Senior Sales Consultant of Moga Motors Sdn Bhd once again! 

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I am very honoured and privileged to be able to start a blog which I will write about one of my favourite things in the world.. Supercars!! Hello and a very good day to all of my readers, and I would like to welcome everyone who have the same interest as mine(or the ones who is starting to have interest in Supercars) or just browsing the internet to find something beneficial to read and add a few general knowledge in Supercars. This is the blog that suits every age aspect. Do bookmark this blog and/or click here to follow this blog by leaving your email to receive notifications when the blog have new stories to share!

This blog will give the insights of a supercar each week(if possible!), a short history of the supercar, and I will explain further about the supercar as I will test drive it on the streets of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and many more locations that has been recognised and surveyed its suitability to the Supercars as a few considerations has been taken into account like road conditions(potholes, manholes covers, dirts[it is dirty!]) and road bumps. Why road bumps? Some countries have “supercar-friendly” roads which in this context have low road bump height so the low-slung supercars can pass these road bumps without much problems but in Malaysia, there are only several places that has “supercar-friendly” roads. Low slung supercars means it has small ground clearance. Normal cars have a rather quite appropriate ground clearance. This makes the car easier to maneuvre whenever the car is approching the road bumps. When I do the test drive soon, this will be one of my concerns in driving the supercar.

While we are discussing the road conditions and road-legal supercars(there are non-road-legal supercars as well but let’s save this for later), let’s compare with the vast network of smooth road conditions in Germany, named “Autobahn”. In an analysis conducted by, 2016 data shows that Autobahn streches to a whopping 12,993 km(8,073 miles). These smooth road network have no speed limit! Only certain strech have “recommended” speed limit of 130 km/h. The rest of the 12,993 km have no speed limit!. In reality, drivers on Autobahn are driving much, much higher speeds on the Autobahn as the road network offers speedy route from one city to another city. No speed limit? Sign me up then! *chuckles*

For your infomation, not all of the factory-made supercars are road legal. There are a few non-road legal supercars-to-date but I would like to write about 2 of the latest non-road legal supercar to-date. I couldn’t it believe my self in the beginning but it is real. The 2 supercars are as follows:-

  1. Aston Martin Vulcan
  2. Lamborghini Sesto Elemento

I will start with the Aston Martin Vulcan. This 4.5 Million Dollar supercar price tag is for the rich who does not mind to have a supercar that is non-road legal and can only be driven on a local race track or Internationally-recognised race track for example Formula 1 Race Track, Nurburgring in Germany or other F1 race tracks in the world. This 7-litre, V12 engine and 800-plus powerplant gives a hard kick to the first timers who would like to drive it. To ease the level of difficulty in driving this supercar powerhouse made by Aston Martin, the Engineers and official test drivers of the supercar manufacturer give the lucky 24 owners as Aston Martin made only 24 of these supercar in the world an intensive track driver training program with advice and insights from many racers including Aston Martin Racing’s Le Mans-winning Darren Turner.

Next in my list the Lamborghini Sesto Elemento. The pricing of this supercar are at 2.5 Million Dollar and claimed can reach 2.5 seconds 0-100km/h. This all-round Carbon Fibre built supercar “barebone” has no Air-Conditioner inside, no stereo, no GPS, and many more. Only bucket-seats, speedometer(s), steering, ignition switch and that’s it. Find yourself a track and let it off the leash! Pure pound-to-pound adrenaline addiction shots for anyone who’s behind the steering wheel.

Above are my brief explanations on non-road legal supercars. You can see, these supercars are so different from the road-legal supercars. The engine and power and not to forget to mention the torque can be similar (if not faster!) than road-legal supercar. Its just that they lack on the comfort and poise-ness part of it. So, do you love the track? Love the speed and does not mind the comfort of being in a supercar (eventhough you know you can get it?). Well, the choice is yours to make.

That will be all my fellow readers. Thank you for reading and for your kind information, I will be doing a test drive and review of the Nissan GTR R35! (Spoiler alert!) Follow my blog by leaving your email!

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