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I am very honoured and privileged to be able to start a blog which I will write about one of my favourite things in the world.. Supercars!! Hello and a very good day to all of my readers, and I would like to welcome everyone who have the same interest as mine(or the ones who is starting to have interest in Supercars) or just browsing the internet to find something beneficial to read and add a few general knowledge in Supercars. This is the blog that suits every age aspect. Do bookmark this blog and/or click here to follow this blog by leaving your email to receive notifications when the blog have new stories to share!

This blog will give the insights of a supercar each week(if possible!), a short history of the supercar, and I will explain further about the supercar as I will test drive it on the streets of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and many more locations that has been recognised and surveyed its suitability to the Supercars as a few considerations has been taken into account like road conditions(potholes, manholes covers, dirts[it is dirty!]) and road bumps. Why road bumps? Some countries have “supercar-friendly” roads which in this context have low road bump height so the low-slung supercars can pass these road bumps without much problems but in Malaysia, there are only several places that has “supercar-friendly” roads. Low slung supercars means it has small ground clearance. Normal cars have a rather quite appropriate ground clearance. This makes the car easier to maneuvre whenever the car is approching the road bumps. When I do the test drive soon, this will be one of my concerns in driving the supercar.

While we are discussing the road conditions and road-legal supercars(there are non-road-legal supercars as well but let’s save this for later), let’s compare with the vast network of smooth road conditions in Germany, named “Autobahn”. In an analysis conducted by German-way.com, 2016 data shows that Autobahn streches to a whopping 12,993 km(8,073 miles). These smooth road network have no speed limit! Only certain strech have “recommended” speed limit of 130 km/h. The rest of the 12,993 km have no speed limit!. In reality, drivers on Autobahn are driving much, much higher speeds on the Autobahn as the road network offers speedy route from one city to another city. No speed limit? Sign me up then! *chuckles*

For your infomation, not all of the factory-made supercars are road legal. There are a few non-road legal supercars-to-date but I would like to write about 2 of the latest non-road legal supercar to-date. I couldn’t it believe my self in the beginning but it is real. The 2 supercars are as follows:-

  1. Aston Martin Vulcan
  2. Lamborghini Sesto Elemento

I will start with the Aston Martin Vulcan. This 4.5 Million Dollar supercar price tag is for the rich who does not mind to have a supercar that is non-road legal and can only be driven on a local race track or Internationally-recognised race track for example Formula 1 Race Track, Nurburgring in Germany or other F1 race tracks in the world. This 7-litre, V12 engine and 800-plus powerplant gives a hard kick to the first timers who would like to drive it. To ease the level of difficulty in driving this supercar powerhouse made by Aston Martin, the Engineers and official test drivers of the supercar manufacturer give the lucky 24 owners as Aston Martin made only 24 of these supercar in the world an intensive track driver training program with advice and insights from many racers including Aston Martin Racing’s Le Mans-winning Darren Turner.

Next in my list the Lamborghini Sesto Elemento. The pricing of this supercar are at 2.5 Million Dollar and claimed can reach 2.5 seconds 0-100km/h. This all-round Carbon Fibre built supercar “barebone” has no Air-Conditioner inside, no stereo, no GPS, and many more. Only bucket-seats, speedometer(s), steering, ignition switch and that’s it. Find yourself a track and let it off the leash! Pure pound-to-pound adrenaline addiction shots for anyone who’s behind the steering wheel.

Above are my brief explanations on non-road legal supercars. You can see, these supercars are so different from the road-legal supercars. The engine and power and not to forget to mention the torque can be similar (if not faster!) than road-legal supercar. Its just that they lack on the comfort and poise-ness part of it. So, do you love the track? Love the speed and does not mind the comfort of being in a supercar (eventhough you know you can get it?). Well, the choice is yours to make.

That will be all my fellow readers. Thank you for reading and for your kind information, I will be doing a test drive and review of the Nissan GTR R35! (Spoiler alert!) Follow my blog by leaving your email!

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